It is only just into December and the Meeja are already muttering that 2014 is on track to be the warmest year on record, both for the UK, and for the whole world. So it is probably time to report on whether my hi-tech whole-year climate-integrating device is in agreement.

The answer seems to be yes. As I reported last year, I picked enough half-ripe grapes to make half a jar of jelly. grapes1 grapes2

This year, there are loads! I picked about 3kg (about a month ago, now; I have been to busy to blog), made 4 jars of jelly, ate quite a lot of the grapes raw, and there were still more than half of them left on the vine for the blackbirds. The only reason I didn’t make more jelly is that I ran out of spare time and the blackbirds beat me to the second half of the crop.

If global warming carries on as predicted, then I will be bottling up that first vintage of Chateau Dunbar in a few years’ time.

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