I have returned unscathed from the Helmsdale field course, so here are some pictures from the second part of the trip.


Day 4: Siltstones and soft-sediment deformation at Kintradwell. Sketch that rock, quick, before the tide comes in!


Day 5: Syn-rift silts with occasional rapidly-deposited sands, at the railway bridge near Lothbeg. The river was low enough for me to hop across and take a photo from the other side: you can’t always do this. Weather a bit glum, but I was all excited because I found a fossil that came off a vertebrate:


I didn’t know what it was, but Tom the Palaeontologist says that it is a fin spine from a shark. He has packed it up carefully and taken it away. Whether it survives the trip home remains to be seen.


Day 6: Detour on the way home to see the (?) Triassic river deposits in Burghead harbour. The more you look at it, the more there is to see.

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