Webinar 6 – Grant Opportunities and the Funding Landscape

Kicking of 2021 we had some of the Edinburgh Research Office (ERO) team highlighting ‘Grant Opportunities and funding landscape changes in the Covid-19 era‘ as part of Webinar 7. Dr Andy Liken and Al Innes highlight some of the grant opportunities that exist in the Covid-19 era as well as some of the cuts to funding from organisations and charities.

Navigating the landscape

The ERO experts also provide a heap of resources and support to help you navigate through this and make the experience as painless as possible including (these links were relevant to this webinar in Jan 2021):

ACCORD rules: updated guidance and FAQs regarding research during the COVID19 pandemic

ERO COVID hub resource

ACCORD website

ECTU website

UKRI COVID-related funded projects across UK: bubble-map

UKRI up-to-date COVID-related funding opportunities

Expression of interest: emergency route for time-critical COVID-19 research

Joint Global Health Trials

Interventions to reduce antibiotic resistance or transmission

Applied global health research: improve health in LMICs

Pre-announcement: Healthy Ageing Catalyst Awards 2021

Researcher Initiated Grant Schemes – limit £300k

Prioritised support for urgent COVID-19 research. Rolling deadline,

Covid-19 Therapeutics Accelerator

Wellcome changing strategic focus 2021

CRUK funding for Discovery, Translational, and Clinical streams

NIHR-BHF Cardiovascular Partnership

BHF Flagship Projects

ERC 2021 available, Horizon 2020 open to UK researchers

(Photo by Tim Graf on Unsplash)

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