Webinar 2 – The ISARIC study

The International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infection Consortium’s (ISARIC) purpose is to prevent illness and deaths from infectious disease outbreaks. They are a global federation of clinical research networks, providing a proficient, coordinated, and agile research response to outbreak-prone infectious diseases. Within this network is ISARIC 4C, the Coronavirus Clinical Characterisation Consortium. They are a UK-wide consortium of doctors and scientists committed to answering urgent questions about COVID-19 quickly, openly, and for the benefit of all.

Dr Annemarie Docherty is part of this consortium.  In her webinar – The ISARIC Study – she gives us some insights into some of the outputs which have been delivered due to the  samples and data collected since the first cases were reported in the UK. And also how these outputs provide a foundation for other studies, such as clinical trials of new treatments, to help better understand the best way to use interventions.

Trying to be more co-productive

This week, as part of Co-production Week, Carol and I were asked to contribute to the Scottish Co-production Network‘s series of activities. We have written a blog about ‘Trying to be more Co-productive‘ so that we can reflect on how the combination of everyone’s strengths ensure that we can work together to achieve positive change. This means communities truly playing a part in how decisions are made – where things happen with people, instead of to them.


Our first ECRF/Accord Webinar

Finally I can say that the recording of our first joint Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility and Accord webinar is available to view! Hurrah! The audio captioning for ‘The Accord Office and how we managed our response to Covid‘ was a bit trickier than anticipated and at one stage it tried to convince me that  the Accord team was returning to the office to ‘inhale poison’!!! Happy to report that this has not been the case and hopefully we’ll have a bit more luck with editing the next one,

Thanks again to Heather Charles and Paul Dearie for delivering this session, it’s always hard when you’re first to kick things off but you were absolute rockstars and did a fantastic job.


Now I’ll just have a think about what I can rope you both into next…