Webinar 6 – Grant Opportunities and the Funding Landscape

Kicking of 2021 we had some of the Edinburgh Research Office (ERO) team highlighting ‘Grant Opportunities and funding landscape changes in the Covid-19 era‘ as part of Webinar 7. Dr Andy Liken and Al Innes highlight some of the grant opportunities that exist in the Covid-19 era as well as some of the cuts to funding from organisations and charities.

Navigating the landscape

The ERO experts also provide a heap of resources and support to help you navigate through this and make the experience as painless as possible including (these links were relevant to this webinar in Jan 2021):

ACCORD rules: updated guidance and FAQs regarding research during the COVID19 pandemic

ERO COVID hub resource

ACCORD website

ECTU website

UKRI COVID-related funded projects across UK: bubble-map

UKRI up-to-date COVID-related funding opportunities

Expression of interest: emergency route for time-critical COVID-19 research

Joint Global Health Trials

Interventions to reduce antibiotic resistance or transmission

Applied global health research: improve health in LMICs

Pre-announcement: Healthy Ageing Catalyst Awards 2021

Researcher Initiated Grant Schemes – limit £300k

Prioritised support for urgent COVID-19 research. Rolling deadline,

Covid-19 Therapeutics Accelerator

Wellcome changing strategic focus 2021

CRUK funding for Discovery, Translational, and Clinical streams

NIHR-BHF Cardiovascular Partnership

BHF Flagship Projects

ERC 2021 available, Horizon 2020 open to UK researchers

Webinar 5 – Doing the best we can

Webinar 5 at the end of 2020 was with Dr Steve McSwiggan and Miranda Odam. Both very experienced senior research nurse managers who have been at the fore front of the clinical staff response to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this session, ‘Doing the best we can‘ they discuss  the work of clinical research staff during the COVID 19 pandemic. Looking at the work done with the initial Covid Research Group as an example of forward and adaptable planning, the pressure of screening and recruiting to UPH badged projects, and the clinical pull of staff including the reprioritisation of research and it’s visibility.