About our Education Programme

The Education Programme is based in Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility, spread over 3 sites in Edinburgh it is a joint venture between the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian.

Where a post doesn’t name an author, it’s written by Danielle, the Education Development Coordinator.  Danielle has spent 10 years with the Education programme, supporting the clinical research community in numerous capacities including training, education, events and marketing.

About the Education Programme

Our aim is to provide an extensive multi-professional programme of education for individuals involved in clinical research; our main focus is to promote and inspire excellence in clinical research from the inception of the research idea through to the effective dissemination of findings.

The Education Team work closely with NHS Lothian and University of Edinburgh Colleagues, as well as other CRFs, academic institutions and industry partners to ensure that the education provided is current, relevant and meets the requirements of local and national clinical research communities.

Our website outlines the range of events, courses and resources we offer, which are tailored to the differing requirements of these different audiences.

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