Looking forward to Christmas – and beyond

At last – the end of exams, and the end of long Semester 1. It’s time to enjoy some relaxation as well as celebrations.  And then, when you’ve recycled the wrapping paper and made soup from the festive leftovers, and time starts to hang heavy on your hands, you might feel ready to turn your thoughts to the (near) future.

Got your summer sorted yet? It’s not too early to make a start on lining up some work experience for the long vacation. Whatever you do this year will count.  Be prepared to try out different things, test the waters and find out more about yourself and your preferences.  Watch for our #ExperienceWorks campaign for some ideas, and in the meantime check these pages.

If you haven’t written your CV yet, or it needs to be updated, get off to a good start by watching this short film. It covers all the key points. You’ll adapt your CV every time you send it off, but having a sound basis is a good beginning.

Many employers expect you to do some online aptitude tests as part of your application. Practice may not make perfect, but it will certainly help your performance – so spare a couple of hours to work your way through some of the practice tests here in the resources tab of MyCareerHub. Verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, situational judgement test, e-tray exercise, diagrammatic reasoning and more – you’ll find examples of them all. These are specially for UofE students so if you can’t access them, try the links further down this page  instead.

Okay – so that’s our advice for what to do post-Christmas. But we want you also to have a very happy time over the holiday period, however you’re spending it. We liked this approach to maximising enjoyment:  Eight tips on how to use your brain and have a happy Christmas

Best wishes for a peaceful and happy Christmas from the Careers Service.


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