In with the new…

It’s the beginning of January and time, as they say, for “out with the old and in with the new”.

Introducing some new good habits can certainly be beneficial. There’s no need to overhaul every aspect of your life – although if you want to, you can get some ideas by reading these fifty (yes 50!) suggestions.   But taking just one small step can be the start of something significant. (That’s why we want you to watch out for the #Do1Thing posts on Facebook and Twitter next week. Get some ideas. Not much commitment required! )

So how will you identify your New Year’s Resolution for 2018? Why not look beyond the usual “eat less chocolate” and “do more sport”. Can’t decide whether you’re assertive enough? Need a nudge towards more consistent decision-making? These short online quizzes will help you to pinpoint areas you may want to develop, while acknowledging your strengths too. See what the reports, generated by your answers to the questions, say about you.

Read more about the different assessments and how to access them here.

And HAPPY NEW YEAR from us all at the Careers Service!



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