Guidelines for guest contributors

If you’ve received an invitation from us to contribute to our blog, you’ll find these guidelines useful – thank you for your interest.

The main audience for our blog is University of Edinburgh students and recent graduates. Posts should be relevant to this audience: 

Posts are submitted voluntarily. We’re unlikely to publish posts where the author has no connection with the University. Planning, scheduling and processing blog content may take up to four weeks. We reserve the right to edit all posts; we don’t guarantee publication.

Content could include any of the following:

  1. Career journey – an overview of your career journey into your current role i.e. what you studied at the University of Edinburgh and what inspired you to pursue your career.
  2. Job content – what a typical working week (if there is one) is likely to look like; what you enjoy most and least about the role.
  3. Skills needed – how these might be developed pre-entry, eg during extra-curricular activities such as involvement in student societies, volunteering, part-time work
  4. Insight into the sector – are any parts of it doing particularly well? Any growth areas? Any issues which might impact upon it in the near future?
  5. Tips for improving their chances of breaking into the sector, eg is any type of work experience particularly relevant? Are most new entrants Masters graduates?
  6. Country-specific information – labour market, recruitment trends.

Additional information:

  • Advice and information specific to a particular role or specific sector is preferable to generic advice.
  • Length can be between 500 – 700 words but we’re flexible on word count.
  • Tone should be professional but reasonably informal, and avoiding, or explaining, any “jargon”.
  • Each post needs an illustration. If you are sending one, please send it as an attachment. A personal headshot is good. If a copyright acknowledgement is needed, please make this clear and supply the text for it. We can source a generic image, if preferred.
  • UofEd alumni – please include your degree subject.
  • To minimise unsolicited emails/requests from non-University of Edinburgh students and graduates, we won’t include work/personal email addresses but are happy to direct readers to LinkedIn/ Platform One accounts, if requested.
  • Content should not have been previously published, or offered to, another blog or website.
  • We may promote the post on Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn and Twitter – please supply relevant social media handles for inclusion in promotion.

University of Edinburgh Careers Service         

January 2024