Guidelines for student contributors

If you’ve received an invitation from us to contribute to our blog, you’ll find these guidelines useful – thank you for your interest.

The main audience for our blog is University of Edinburgh students and recent graduates:

Posts are submitted voluntarily. Planning, scheduling and processing blog content may take up to four weeks. We reserve the right to edit all posts; we don’t guarantee publication. Blog posts don’t need to be very long – somewhere in the region of 500 – 700 words but we’re flexible on word count.

Use these prompts, as appropriate, to structure your post; not all these prompts will apply to you:

  • A little bit about you – what you are studying at University and your year of study.
  • What prompted you to apply for the internship/part-time job/volunteering opportunity?
  • Tell us a bit about your main duties, what a typical week involved, and your work pattern i.e. set hours, weekends, evenings.
  • Tell us what you learned or gained from this experience and how you are going to apply that learning in the future.
  • Tell us why other students should be aware of this experience and your tips for students considering taking part in a similar opportunity in the future.
  • Looking ahead – what’s next for you? Has the opportunity inspired you to think more about your career after graduation?  (You don’t need to answer this question if unsure.)
  • Anything else you would like to mention?

Additional information:

  • Tone should be professional but reasonably informal, and avoiding, or explaining, any “jargon” – have a look at some of our published student guest posts:
  • Each blog requires an accompanying image sent as an attachment. This could be a personal headshot or an appropriate related image with copyright acknowledgement. We can source a generic image if preferred.
  • Content should not have been previously published, or offered to, another blog or website.
  • We may promote the post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter – please supply relevant social media handles for inclusion in promotion.

University of Edinburgh Careers Service

January 2024