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I was in your place this time last year: Inspiration for those about to graduate…

Delighted to have a guest blog post from one of our graduates from last summer, Rachel McCaw, who shares her tips on using part-time and temporary roles to land something more permanent.

I graduated last summer with an honours degree in Ecological and Environmental Science. I wasn’t sure what to do next so continued to work in my part time job at Our Dynamic Earth as a ‘Green Team Representative’.

I thoroughly enjoyed helping businesses to become more green and sustainable so when the role ended, I decided to continue to look for something similar.

I used MyCareerHub and searched for ‘conservation’, ‘environmental science’, ‘climate change’ related work. A ‘Marketing Internship’ with Bright Green Business caught my eye. It was only a nine -week role but the job description got me excited: helping Scottish businesses become more sustainable and environmentally aware.

I got the job!  I’m surprised I’m working in marketing; this was not a role I ever saw myself in. However, I love the creative side of my job as well as applying my scientific trained mind and enthusiasm for environmental issues.

I’ve since been promoted and made permanent as Environmental Marketing & Events Manager.

My top tips for your next step….

  • When applying for jobs be open minded and look beyond the obvious. For me this was environmental consultancy jobs and research. There are so many interesting companies out there.
  • Temporary roles can lead to something permanent. Cliché but make yourself indispensable and don’t be shy to make suggestions. Bright Green Business offer Environmental Placement Programmes across Scotland wide businesses.
  • Don’t under-estimate what you’ve done as a student: any form of work experience where you are communicating with people, working in a team and getting tasks done to a deadline is useful.
  • Work out what you really value and what you won’t compromise on. My first role post-graduation I took for the money but was very unhappy. On reflection, doing a role I am passionate about trumps everything.

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If you aren’t sure what you are going to do after you graduate then make sure get on board and keep up to date with all the Careers Service support that is available to you as you finish University and after you have left. More information about the Graduate newsletter and the Graduate Jobs Fair can be found here:





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