Digital – a new golden age in Marketing?

Many thanks to Janet Forsyth, Careers Consultant for the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences for this interesting post on opportunities in digital marketing – Rebecca

I recently read the latest insight from consultants Mckinsey exploring what they see as The Dawn of Marketing’s New Golden Age, as a result of marketers using ‘big data’ research and analytics to shed light on who buys what, and why, organizational simplicity fueling speed and ‘story’ pulling things together, inspiring both the customer and the organization.

Creative minds are expressing themselves through digital means, this echoes and expands through social media and user-generated content.

Thus the emerging new picture for marketing extends well beyond data and analysis, crucial though those are, into creative story-building which draws the buyer into the story via social media. This new Digital Marketing era provides a range of opportunities for graduates from differing disciplines, as described in a recent report on Careers in Digital Marketing produced by Careers Service staff after a briefing event including digital marketeers DigitasLBI , and  the digital marketing team at Standard Life.

And crucially, this industry, operational in Edinburgh, London and worldwide, is facing recruitment challenges as they seek graduates with the relevant technical, business or creative skills to fill the new roles created by the industry.

Roles in digital marketing include:

 analytics (37% too few practitioners)
 mobile devices (29%)
 content management (27%)
 social media (27%)
 email marketing (27%)
 marketing automation (rule-writing to push advertising to individual) (24%)
 search engine optimisation (SEO) (19%)
 digital advertising (12%)

All have talent-gaps in recruitment, indicated by the % figure. Digital marketing also includes roles in customer experience, user experience and web developing. Digital marketing recruits from a wide range of subject areas, not confined to business or technology disciplines.

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