Attendence in ICCN-2023 Conference

Yimin Shao, a PhD candidate from the University of Edinburgh, had the honor of participating in the inaugural International Conference on Carbon Neutrality (ICCN-2023) held in Shanghai. The event provided an invaluable platform for Shao to present the groundbreaking research outcomes of our project through an engaging oral presentation.

Dr. Wei Li, Shao’s academic supervisor, expressed pride in the exceptional representation of our project at such a prestigious international forum. The exposure gained at ICCN-2023 is expected to enhance the visibility and credibility of our research on a global scale.

The conference, focused on the global pursuit of carbon neutrality, drew together prominent researchers, scholars, and industry leaders from around the world. The objective was to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange towards the shared goal of achieving a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

Shao’s participation at ICCN-2023 was marked by an opportunity to deliver a comprehensive oral report, highlighting the innovative methodologies and impactful findings of our ongoing project. The presentation not only showcased the project’s contribution to the field but also underscored the University of Edinburgh’s commitment to advancing sustainable solutions.

During the session, Shao captivated the audience by delving into the intricacies of our research, emphasizing its potential to influence and contribute to the global discourse on carbon neutrality. The interactive nature of the conference provided a forum for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas with fellow researchers and professionals.

As we celebrate Shao’s achievements at the International Conference on Carbon Neutrality, we look forward to further collaboration opportunities, increased project recognition, and the positive impact our research can have on shaping a sustainable future.

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