Summer School in Nanjing

The summer school we organized in Nanjing Tech University during 2 – 4 August 2023 and proved to be an incredible success, leaving all participating units (including Nanjing Tech University, University of Edinburgh and Wuhan University of Technology) with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. What began as a collaborative effort between several institutions blossomed into an enriching experience that exceeded all expectations.

The heart of the summer school lay in its diversity – a mosaic of students, faculty, and staff from different backgrounds, disciplines, and cultures. This melting pot of perspectives infused every aspect of the program with an unparalleled richness. As the days unfolded, it became evident that the interactions among participants were a wellspring of ideas and innovation.

Students found themselves in an environment where learning was not limited to the four walls of a classroom. Hands-on workshops, field trips, and interactive discussions with experts (especially Prof Xiaohua Lu), offered them a chance to explore their passions and embrace interdisciplinary approaches. The result was a profound sense of intellectual curiosity and an eagerness to apply newfound knowledge to real-world challenges.

Faculty members too discovered the joy of cross-pollination. Working alongside colleagues from different institutions, they encountered fresh teaching methodologies and research approaches that invigorated their own practices. This intermingling of academic talent not only enriched the summer school experience but also set the stage for potential future collaborations among the institutions.

As for the organizing units, the summer school acted as a catalyst for showcasing their respective strengths. Each institution brought unique resources to the table, enhancing the program’s comprehensiveness. The collective effort behind the scenes fostered a sense of unity, with all participants working in tandem to ensure a seamless and transformative experience for the attendees.

Furthermore, the impact of the summer school extended beyond the confines of the program itself. Local communities, too, experienced positive ripple effects. Field trips to State Key Laboratory of Materials-Oriented Chemical Engineering provided students with an up-close understanding of local challenges, inspiring them to brainstorm sustainable solutions. This engagement with the community kindled a sense of social responsibility and further cemented the summer school’s relevance in the broader context.


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