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We are very excited to share the journal highlight chosen for Greenhouse Gases: Science & Technology

We want to express our gratitude to Society of Chemical Industry all for working with us on this!


Methane (CH4) is a strong greenhouse gas, and emissions are expected to increase in the upcoming years. Thus, technologies that make it easier to remove it from the atmosphere are being highlighted as potential methods to prevent global warming.

The main natural sink of CH4 in the atmosphere, hydroxyl radicals (°OH), are improved in this review paper’s strategies for removing it. Together with numerous other greenhouse and ozone-depleting gases, these effectively “mop-up” atmospheric CH4. When water vapor is present and UV light from the sun strikes ozone molecules, °OH is created in the atmosphere.

The research investigates how climate change and human activities can increase atmospheric °OH, either through greater humidity (more water vapor) or increased UV exposure. For instance, increasing the amount of irrigated land to feed a growing population will make the air more humid.

Technology that could improve °OH concentrations even more are described. The Israeli-developed downdraft energy tower may use seawater to boost humidity in hot, dry places, and UV light can be transported on airships.

The paper concludes that if the proposed technologies’ life cycle assessments and atmospheric chemistry modeling prove viable, these tactics may help to win the battle against climate change.

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