New Publications

1. Kassam Ahmed, Yuyin Wang, Yang Bai, Karthikeyan Sekar, Wei Li, A carbon nanowire-promoted Cu2O/TiO2 nanocomposite for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance, New Journal of Chemistry, 2022, 15495.

2. Tingzhen Ming, Hanbing Xiong, Tianhao Shi, Yongjia Wu, Caixia Wang, Yuangao Wen, Wei Li, Renaud de Richter, N. Zhou, A novel green technology: Reducing carbon dioxide and eliminating methane from the atmosphere, International Journal of Energy Research, 2022.

3. Jie Zhang, Yuyin Wang, Yun Wang, Yang Bai, Xin Feng, Jiahua Zhu, Xiaohua Lu, Liwen Mu, Tingzhen Ming, Renaud de Richter, Wei Li, Solar Driven Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation Processes for Methane Removal – Challenges and Perspectives, Chemistry – A European Journal, 2022.

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