Impact of health interventions on educational outcomes: an exemplar study of the management of breech infants.

This project is a SCPHRP seed-funded research project. Seed-funding research was part of the SCPHRP remit during the period of 2008 ’€“ 2012. 


University of Glasgow

Principle investigator:

Professor Jill Pell

Historically, intervention studies have relied on prospective collection of follow-up events. Scotland’€™s high quality, comprehensive routine health data provide the opportunity to ascertain health outcomes more cheaply via record linkage. However, both the determinants of health and the outcomes of health interventions may fall outside the health sector. Due to improved governance arrangements, the Scotland-wide linkage of education and health data is now possible. We propose to undertake this linkage and demonstrate its utility using an exemplar intervention study. Guidelines recently changed the management of breech infants from largely vaginal breech delivery to almost exclusively elective caesarean section. They were based on trial evidence of improved early health outcomes. Their impact on longer term educational outcomes is unknown. Our previous work suggests that a change in special educational needs and educational attainment is plausible and able to be assessed via the proposed linkage. This proof of principle study will pave the way for novel health and educational intervention studies that could not previously be performed.
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