Category: Human Objects


‘Botanical Flowers’

Taking inspiration from Charles Sheeler and creating different vivid colours. I wanted it to be quite illustrated so using Procreate and Photoshop to create this. Using the purple colours of the lavender and green leaves to produce the first picture, then added special effects to create this movement effect like Sheeler does. I like the different colours and how they contrast from the white background.

‘Museum Light’

I wanted to recreate Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s light using tracing paper with textures from watercolour and crayons overlayed on top. So both light and colour can come through the paper and create light through the space which you see below.  I used textures and colours like Robert Rauschenburg to create the light shade made out of copper. I did this by taking some textures from Robert Rauschenburg artist research page and overlaying them on photoshop to create unusual textures.

‘Chair Techniques’

Following the style of Jayashree Chakravarty with the full-grown chair, I produced her two styles together. Using natural materials for the base of the chair and the textures and colour with ink on the back of the chair, creating a 3D effect with the shadows from the wood. I love the material of the chair so I wanted to show this through different ways of making texture on the page. I also used my artist research pages from Chakravarty with the textures overlayed on top of the textures I created by hand to emphasise the different techniques made by Chakravarty. I overlayed them on top of the wood too, so the whole piece linked with different styles of her work.