The Kallima – Group Project

As a group we choose the Kallima, due its interesting pattern and colours, we thought about how we could manipulate this and use it to inspire our own work.  Work below is from Danish Razwi, Sally Dawson, and Rona Bisset.

Notional Kallima

Using a range of notional drawings to complete this exercise, we thought if we used our own style and artists that we have looked at then combine our ideas together it would create a clear story of the Kallima. Sally Dawson choose to look at John Cage, mapping out where the Kallima travels.  Whilst I looked at Trisha Brown, using my mouth the create the shape of the Kallima, filling it in with leaves. Danish Razwi looked at the structure and colours of the butterfly. I overlayed and played with a few settings on photoshop to create a notional drawing in different artists’ styles whilst betraying the Kallima’s beauty.


Goddess Kallima

Thinking about how the Kallima camouflages, we decided as a group to do a dress in the style of a Kallima, looking closely at the leaf structure and how delicate the Kallima is. Choosing a physical model to represent this we created a ball gown style dress with a corset at the top with flowing sticks down to the dress. A green leaf links the corset to the skirt making it open and flowy just like the butterfly when in motion.  We also wanted to create spiderwebs to create a natural environment for the dress, using a glue gun to create white lines flowing around the dress. When picking the leaves we wanted to use mainly brown leaves with a little bit of colour from the yellow and green leaves.  This relates to the work I have been looking at from the past weeks from using natural materials to create artwork then to looking at how butterflies move and develop.

IMG_1616-compressed 2

IMG_2366-compressed 2

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