National Museum of Scotland

1 – Tunic from “12 unwearable dresses” (1967) By Pace Rabanne Chain-linked aluminium plates and metal wire

2 – Full Grown Chair (2017) By Gavin Munro Williow

3 – Light Fighting (1902) By Charles Rennie Mackintosh Copper, leaded glass panels



Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Modern One)

1 – Portrait of Maurice (1976) By Andy Warhol Synthetic polymer paint and silkscreen ink on canvas

2 – Self Portrait With Fire Files and Faces (2016) by Raqib Shaw Acrylic liner, enamel and rhinestones on paper

3 – Seeded, Grass and Daisies September (1960) By Joan Eardley Oil and grass stalks


Royal Botanical Gardens 

1 – Mosses Garden Trail

2 – Lancepod The Hidden Beauty of Seeds & Fruit Exhibitions

3 – Cedrus Deodora Garden Trail

4 – Lavender Garden Trail



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