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Finished Piece

This is the finished view of my piece after going through with it digitally although the main element of the painting is watercolour.

Initially my mind was torn, I felt as though I should have progressed more with my object within a physical real life setting but that just felt wrong to me. I am a painter and truly I wanted to develop what I had as I new I could create a painting like nothing I have ever made before which is why I went with this and my mind feels fulfilled because of it.

I am very happy with the outcome as I believe I have taken this project and focused it in my own personal direction and most importantly, it represents me and how I feel within Edinburgh. Independent and in control but at the same time the pressure I influence on myself grasps around me too, a pressure I think all artists can relate too.

It is also important to note that my small sailboat has not yet touched water and that is because this sailboat represents me and is just not ready for the ocean yet. I have much to learn about the world and that scares me and I want that to show, my fear for the future.

Final Piece

After experimenting with the watercolour medium and getting responses from my peers I decided to stick with watercolour and create a final piece with it.

This is the current position of the piece, I hope to add more detail and more depth with some darker tones. I may bring this piece into a digital setting and add more to it because although the idea of watercolour themed around sailing and my object works so well, a big part of my life takes place online from hobbies to interacting with people which hopefully adds some more personal flair to the end product.


I started with a sketch and then used the wet on wet technique to get my initial colours and values in  place, because of how watercolour drys it can make painting a very long process as it drys very light which means I had to apply several layers to get it to my current stopping point.


Finished Piece Progression

Primary Research

Currently I am in the process of creating a digital painting final piece to put into my portfolio.

I decided to go with a different composition to the last experimentations because the perspective looked off when I added the additional parts that I got from secondary research.

Media Experimentation

Primary Research

To help bring this small object to life I want to create some kind of narrative.

I want to use these images I made and the secondary research as a reference for a painting where I want to bring this truly to life with a final piece.

These are some experimentations with watercolour and gouache. I really like the idea but I feel as though I will create my finished piece with a digital painting to help it really pop and bring it to life.



Reference Research

Secondary Research


Developing Ideas

Primary Research

After being in Edinburgh  for a few weeks now, I am starting to feel in control of my own life so I wanted to show this by including my  hand holding my sailboat.

The sailboat to me has started to represent my journey and the direction of my life.

I finally feel like now I am holding my own life and taking it where I desire to take it but could I trap myself with my own rules.



Sketches – Object as Image Link

Primary Research

Since exploring with “object as image” ideas I thought that the current project of “working with the found object” would work hand in hand so I decided to draw my real life creations to see what would come from it like what I did for my object as image creation.

I was happy with these sketches mostly because, if I never had created this as a reference, I never would have come to a conclusion like this which was really amazing.

Something that began as an almost mindless process turned into a unique drawing that I thought would be interesting to share even though it is not totally directed towards what I am doing.

Reflection on my idea

Reflecting on my last idea, I love how I used aspects that make up an object to create something new that still closely relates to  what the objects were originally designed to represent and will definitely take this thought process forward when continuing to experiment with ideas for this project.

Combining Ideas

Primary Research

A sailboat that represents freedom and the journeys of a fictional character and my own combined. Going from an object that only pays homage to one person to then be reconstructed into something that sheds light on my own life while also remembering its origin. Definitely a Eureka moment.

Initially my life was already in control by rules that I lived by when I was younger. Reliant on others around me which made me feel lost and out of control, I dreamt of my life becoming my own.

I used my incredibly untidy bed as these unsettling surroundings to help represent me delving into the unknown when travelling to Edinburgh.


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