Paul noble

I looked at some pieces of work by Paul Noble and this piece in particular caught my attention when thinking about how sound travels in a circle.

Since my representation follows the idea of an imaginary soundscape influenced by the real soundscapes that surround us, I wanted to think about the idea of doing another drawing based on my first drawing using shapes specifically spherical shapes very similar to Paul noble’s approach above.

The circular shapes would vary in size depending on the volume as the bigger  they are, the more space they cover on the page very similar to how the louder a noise is, the further it travel and the more space it covers.

Last week I started creating a stop motion of my original drawing coming to life, I am now also adding this second piece that will build above the piece and then be revealed by the map line I edited in last week.

So far this is what I have but once I finish my drawing, I will then be able to finish the video.

I think where I am going with this further shows how my final piece could represent many soundscapes by using unidentifiable shapes that map the soundscape in a way that makes it imaginary