Using sound alone from the sound walk without the influence of the visuals I see, I am creating imaginary representations of the soundscape around me using pen on paper as pen creates an amazing blend with limited colour yet large variety of tones.

Blending like how the individual sounds in the world blend together in to one. Alongside doing this I have been gathering images of my process that I will compile into a video that will contain the sounds that influenced my map of the soundscape to show the building of the sounds being merged together into one.

My aim with these pieces of work is to create something initially quite scrambled to look at from a viewers perspective where it may be a struggle to see the individual parts of the piece but as the viewer focuses in on particular sections hopefully the soundscape will become much more clearer.

Since I want to continue creating multiple drawings, I started to mess around with editing to see if that could take me anywhere like changing the colour and distorting the drawing to create different moods.