I have finished my mapping of the soundscape. Using sound gathered from the soundwalk, I mapped an imaginary soundscape using pen, drawing what I thought I could here not what it actually was. Pen allowed me to blend these different elements together as it is entirely greyscale which would reflect how different sounds fade into each other to the point where each individual sound is hard to recognise unless focused on.

I then created a second piece using spherical shapes knowing how sound travels in circles and spreads outwards. The size of the shapes was dependent on the volume of the sounds therefore loud sounds would take up more space on the page and in the soundscape itself.

I created a map on top using the first piece of work, mapping my soundscape that became imaginary by following the contours of the drawing.

Looking back at all the projects as a whole, I started to view this link of a journey throughout them all. Beginning with a journey into the unknown where I used an object to represent my story continuing on to an exploration of myself and my mind. I think Mapping the soundscape holds the two previous projects together as it shows my personality through an imaginary journey based on reality, imagination being the place where I can escape reality.

All projects being a journey of exploration within myself.