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My human figure painting is an attempt at showing the perspective of how I felt in the beginning as I was very content with this image. It is very much a continuation of me feeling content with the innocent perception people had placed on me to eventually feeling distress and desperation, wanting to break free of this view I thought would affect my chances to be seen seriously which is shown in the portrait.

I tried to appear content with my body language but my face while my face is distorted as my face is where I show the emotions within my own mind like I did in the portrait painting.

The two paintings are definitely a series  following the same narrative and I think it is important that they are not viewed without the other as they both show different perspectives to the story.

I am unsure as to whether I want to build on this painting but due to the long drying times of oil, I would need to wait before doing so.

Escaping Innocence

I have created a resolved portrait piece that will be accompanied by a human figure painting. The portrait piece shows the emotion from my perspective, the desperation of wanting to break free of what I thought was a clouding perception of innocence and childlikeness.

I used my references as good inspiration for application through sharp brush strokes that help gave the piece a lot of  life and movement while also contributing to the dark mood of the piece despite the very light back drop being present that gave me some contrast and linked to purity and innocence.

I took a reference image of me wearing a shirt with  small daisies on which I will include in the painting but drying times are not enabling me to do so yet. The daisies are an important part of the piece as they also represent innocence.



After doing some research  and really trying to explore deep into my chosen narrative, I am now starting to freely sketch out ideas, not being too caught up on the end product.


Since this story of trying to break free of an innocent and childlike personality is a narrative that plays in my own head, I think I want to to tell it through myself which is when I started thinking about compositional ideas for a painting.

I did some research and found that I was drawn by mostly human figure conpositions as I felt as though the emotion of the people was expressed so strongly along with variying application methods that changed along with the emotion  of the pieces.

The piece on the far right really captures the kind of emotion I would  like to go for which I think mostly come from how the artist applied his paint that created these harsh lines around the figure making his movements seem very rigid. When placed side by side with the others I really started to notice that affect of application where calmness was around so was the softness of paint.

I think combining both innocence and desperation could make for something quite striking in the end.

Edouard Labrosse (Oil on Canvas)



By this point, I am now starting to think about what the symbols of innocence are as I will be able to carry these into resolved pieces of work.

Daisies –


Angel –




One of most stand out things when it comes to meeting people online is that everyone has a perception of everyone’s personality, looks and behaviour despite never seeing each other’s faces, which is something you don’t get when  meeting new people in a real life setting.

This was definitely something that occurred to me as most of the people I met online had this pre conceived idea that I was very child like in an innocent way mostly because of the cute small avatar I had in game and that my voice sounded quite young.

Although this perception of me carried over when meeting them, it didn’t bother me at all because we had created a family environment where they would usually look out for me the most which I appreciated but when you want to be taken seriously or seen as an adult it can make it very frustrating, I noticed this when I started to become close with one of the people I met there, his name is Daniel.

I suddenly felt like I wanted to break free of this comfortable, innocent child mask that people put around me to hopefully be noticed by someone I had feelings for, it was like a desperation, a race against limited time to show those feelings.

The funny thing is, is that he did see me seriously and this image I thought he had of me just wasn’t the case at all. In fact he saw right through it.

Since this was a big thing for me, I want to explore and perhaps create something  that shows the desperation of trying to break free of this preconception that others placed on me and hopefully build a segment of this narrative of meeting my online friends in real life.

Focusing in on the details

Because my experience is made up of many memories, I want to try and break these down into different aspects that stick out in my mind

  • Persuading my parents
  • online perceptions to real life
  • travelling to London alone
  • becoming close to someone I never expected
  • A family feeling


Making and Breaking Narrative – Initial Thoughts

When looking at the brief for this project I instantly thought of a couple of ideas but felt as though they were very generic and in the end would create something way to literal but my mistake was thinking about the end product so early.

My first thought is about an experience or memory of when I met my online friends for the first time, ending up having feelings for one of them.

The other is an original thought I had at the beginning of Drawn from the city which was about the plague with my interest in medieval history and the large ties that has to the present day and Edingburgh.

I  have decided to delve into my first idea because I think I will have much more passion and drive towards it since it is so personal, giving it some longevity throughout the 3 weeks.


Finished Piece

This is the finished view of my piece after going through with it digitally although the main element of the painting is watercolour.

Initially my mind was torn, I felt as though I should have progressed more with my object within a physical real life setting but that just felt wrong to me. I am a painter and truly I wanted to develop what I had as I new I could create a painting like nothing I have ever made before which is why I went with this and my mind feels fulfilled because of it.

I am very happy with the outcome as I believe I have taken this project and focused it in my own personal direction and most importantly, it represents me and how I feel within Edinburgh. Independent and in control but at the same time the pressure I influence on myself grasps around me too, a pressure I think all artists can relate too.

It is also important to note that my small sailboat has not yet touched water and that is because this sailboat represents me and is just not ready for the ocean yet. I have much to learn about the world and that scares me and I want that to show, my fear for the future.

Final Piece

After experimenting with the watercolour medium and getting responses from my peers I decided to stick with watercolour and create a final piece with it.

This is the current position of the piece, I hope to add more detail and more depth with some darker tones. I may bring this piece into a digital setting and add more to it because although the idea of watercolour themed around sailing and my object works so well, a big part of my life takes place online from hobbies to interacting with people which hopefully adds some more personal flair to the end product.

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