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Drawn from the CIty

Summative Submission

 Working with the Found Object

Primary Research

This project was about exploring into the found object. I started looking at one of the many figures in my room and began deconstructing the parts that I could, using it to create a personal meaning.

Travelling to Edinburgh was daunting to me so bringing personal items like figures kept me closer to home and help represent who I am. My object represents a mindset of freedom and independence, two things I believe I have adopted since moving to Edinburgh especially coming from a sheltered/innocent background. Developing that thought seemed like an interesting move.


I gained a large interest in sailing from this character and is something I wanted to do when moving to Edinburgh so using Jack Sparrow’s effects and reconstructing them, I began viewing a bridge of meaning between me and the origin of this new formed object (sailboat).

Sailboats travel on journeys which made me start looking at the object as a representation of my life and me. I used my untidy bed as a view of rough sea where this tiny boat is delving into the unknown, in correlation with my move to Edinburgh.


                                                                               Pen Drawing – “Unknown Seas”

Continuing this narrative, I realised the control I have over my life much more than before, but along with that I started viewing  negatives like being trapped by myself and my work heavy attitude. Holding me in place or even destroying me.

Secondary Research

From this self exploration, I started doing research into the object origin (Jack Sparrow) and how independence led him to being trapped by his own actions that came after him in the form of the kraken, which I thought I could implement into a painting.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Links in Bibliography)


Elly Smallwood “Hand Study” + “Acrylic Hands” – Application Research (22.9×30.5cm)


Watercolour on Watercolour  Paper      Gouache on Watercolour Paper 

I was going to do a digital response to the theme but after having feedback from my peers, I realised that watercolour links perfectly with this inner theme of rough seas and travel.

Resolved Artwork “Control?”- Working with the Found Object

Watercolour on Watercolour Paper A4 – Me



Making and Breaking Narrative

Primary Research

This brief was a great bridge to continue a narrative where I could keep exploring myself. I started thinking about when I met my online friends for the first time and the experience of perceptions.

The most stand out thing when it comes to meeting people online is that everyone has a perception of each other’s personality. Most of the people I met online had this pre conceived idea that I was very child like in an innocent way. This perception didn’t bother me until I met someone I began to love. I suddenly wanted to break free of this innocent perception, desperately.

Notes/Sketches – me

Secondary Research

Representations of  Innocence (links in Bibliography)

Artists Research


 Edouard Labrosse “red-lipstick”1983 + “huile sur toile” 90 x 130cm( Oil on Canvas)   

I went searching for narrative art and desperation focused pieces that were expressed greatly by the human figure and people. Edouard used sharp application to create the sense of escaping and breaking free. Simultaneously he managed to show contentment with the sitting figure.




Final Piece – “Escaping Innocence” + “A Wall of Innocence”

Oil on Canvas board 25 x 30cm – Me

Final Piece – “Contentment”

Oil on Canvas Board 25 x 30cm – Me

My pieces of work intended to show a narrative of my mindsets, beginning with the contentment of innocence to desperation.


Mapping the Soundscape

I wanted to think about sound as a blur and a merge of different sounds that make up a soundscape (soundwalk audio).

Primary Research + Secondary Research – Gathered Audio + Text (soundwalk group collective audio)

Kyle Leonard “K.A.L”- Pen on paper

Olivia Kemp “only Then, We’ll leave The Woods” 220 x 115cm + “Scrap Heap III” 198 x 104cm + “Planted At The Brink” 112 x 60cm – Pen on Paper

I found pen to be very affective at blending together because of the use of greyscale.


I started experimenting with the idea of bringing the audio on to paper using my own representation that I would develop into a final piece.

I created imaginary representations of the soundscape that felt as though it could resemble many places in the world.

Final Piece


Alongside doing this, I was gathering images of my process that I would compile into a video showing the build up of sound layers.

Since my representation follows the idea of an imaginary soundscape I wanted to draw a piece using spherical shapes that would reflect the space that the sounds take up.

The Circular Shape of Sound – (Øivind Alexander Slaatto)

Paul Noble “Cathedral” 50,5×76.2cm – Pencil Drawing (artist suggestion by tutor)

“Mapping the Imaginary Soundscape” Video

Final Piece – “The Spherical Soundscape”

Pen + Digital Application A4- Me












Jack Sparrow/Pirates of the Caribbean –

The Imaginary Soundscape Finished


I have finished my mapping of the soundscape. Using sound gathered from the soundwalk, I mapped an imaginary soundscape using pen, drawing what I thought I could here not what it actually was. Pen allowed me to blend these different elements together as it is entirely greyscale which would reflect how different sounds fade into each other to the point where each individual sound is hard to recognise unless focused on.

I then created a second piece using spherical shapes knowing how sound travels in circles and spreads outwards. The size of the shapes was dependent on the volume of the sounds therefore loud sounds would take up more space on the page and in the soundscape itself.

I created a map on top using the first piece of work, mapping my soundscape that became imaginary by following the contours of the drawing.

Looking back at all the projects as a whole, I started to view this link of a journey throughout them all. Beginning with a journey into the unknown where I used an object to represent my story continuing on to an exploration of myself and my mind. I think Mapping the soundscape holds the two previous projects together as it shows my personality through an imaginary journey based on reality, imagination being the place where I can escape reality.

All projects being a journey of exploration within myself.


Travels in circles, The Imaginary Soundscape

Paul noble

I looked at some pieces of work by Paul Noble and this piece in particular caught my attention when thinking about how sound travels in a circle.

Since my representation follows the idea of an imaginary soundscape influenced by the real soundscapes that surround us, I wanted to think about the idea of doing another drawing based on my first drawing using shapes specifically spherical shapes very similar to Paul noble’s approach above.

The circular shapes would vary in size depending on the volume as the bigger  they are, the more space they cover on the page very similar to how the louder a noise is, the further it travel and the more space it covers.

Last week I started creating a stop motion of my original drawing coming to life, I am now also adding this second piece that will build above the piece and then be revealed by the map line I edited in last week.

So far this is what I have but once I finish my drawing, I will then be able to finish the video.

I think where I am going with this further shows how my final piece could represent many soundscapes by using unidentifiable shapes that map the soundscape in a way that makes it imaginary


Mapping the imaginary Soundscape

I took my original drawing and the edited image to see other ways that I could map the soundscape using what I have created so far and perhaps take this into my next drawings that I hope to create.

I started creating a kind of map using the combination of these two images. This experiment is a made up route/location but I think it would be interesting to show my actual route to create something similar.

When I do my next drawing I could consider more the composition in correlation to the route of my journey.

The soundscape of Imagination

Using sound alone from the sound walk without the influence of the visuals I see, I am creating imaginary representations of the soundscape around me using pen on paper as pen creates an amazing blend with limited colour yet large variety of tones.

Blending like how the individual sounds in the world blend together in to one. Alongside doing this I have been gathering images of my process that I will compile into a video that will contain the sounds that influenced my map of the soundscape to show the building of the sounds being merged together into one.

My aim with these pieces of work is to create something initially quite scrambled to look at from a viewers perspective where it may be a struggle to see the individual parts of the piece but as the viewer focuses in on particular sections hopefully the soundscape will become much more clearer.

Since I want to continue creating multiple drawings, I started to mess around with editing to see if that could take me anywhere like changing the colour and distorting the drawing to create different moods.

Mapping the Soundscape



After going on a live walk and capturing audio, pictures and thoughts. I wanted to start bring some ideas together on how I want to map the soundscape so I  started creating a small sound collage with pen.

The pen really helped to merge the aspects of the drawing to replicate how sound merges together to create one overall atmosphere and mood.

Although the project is in it’s early stages, I really would like to create something like this on a larger scale, combining sounds together to create a finished pieces that will eventually look like many marks on paper, but when concentrating closely on each aspect, the individual sounds reveal themselves.

When drawing the sounds, I am not trying to draw what I know the sound is but rather what it could be or what it sounds like if I was to close my eyes. This will show the very specific focus on sound alone, I don’t want what I see to take part in how I create my piece.

After creating this small experiment, I do feel as though this could work as although there are only a few aspects to this drawing, they already seem to be blending well with one another so I hope that if I was to do this on a larger scale where I combine the sounds from the soundwalk, everything would blend together. Mapping the Soundscape.



For this project, I am looking more into the use of pen as I understand its usefulness to combine many things to the point will all the aspects are merging with each other mostly because of the limit of being greyscale.


I found an artist called Kyle Leonard who applies pen with dots, making full pieces of work that blend many aspects together that you can look at for hours trying to spot all the hidden parts.

I would love to create a piece using this dot method but I would really need to think about the time constraints so I will need to experiment with this idea and maybe take a slightly different application approach.


Olivia takes  a different approach to her mark making, using mostly lines and cross hatching which I think creates more of a merging affect in comparison to Kyle as the individual parts of the drawing are much less defined which is exactly what I want to go for.

This kind of work encourages the artist to  look hard for the parts that make up the drawing which I believe can represent sound very well.




Gathering Media

I have started listening to some of the audio and took some out that I thought I could within my experimentation before using a lot more of the media.

I think the range of sounds, some even from around the world, will make for a very interesting outcome.

I found that even some of the audio sounded like things that they are not like the first audio clip was the sound of a suitcase but in my mind I was hearing rain or the heavy flapping of a birds wings.

Some text I wrote along my journey was:

  • Never ending drills make me in vision a giant woodpecker knocking on a tree trunk. Or an inbound helicopter coming in to land.
  • Instant change of atmosphere from a busy street into a room of silence and knowledge
  • Bike creates whirring noises like the buzz of a swarm of bees
  • clashing of keyrings and zips creating a metronome to people’s footsteps.

Initial Thoughts

Since this project as based on representing a large and vast soundscape. I want to think about sound as a whole being a blur and a merge of so many different sounds which would create the sound of a city, a forest or the coast.

I want to somehow show the individual aspects of the soundscape but I want to create something that is to be viewed as a whole. where the the individual parts may become much less visible yet are very much there. I think this approach suits sound well as we hear sound as a whole to the point where some aspects become difficult to hear as they blend in to the thick texture of sound.

Thinking about possible mediums for this project, I think a pen drawing could work really well as marks tend to blend in to each other really  well but I will need to do some research of how artists approach the medium.

A Wall of Innocence

Since my portrait was dry enough to work on top of, I added the daisies to my shirt that would represent innocence and explain the upwards movement of my head and neck as if I am trying to escape it.

The addition of the daisies is very subtle which I really like. I also tried digitally editing my piece as a bit of an experimentation as I bring this project to a close. I ended up creating a growing wall from me shirt up to the top of my head, making me look as though I am suffocating  and fighting for air against a wall of innocence which just worked really well with the narrative of my work.

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