Mitochondrial Eve : The power house of hell

Okay so i dont actually know much about like gentics or whatever branch of biology this is, i just love the language! Mitochondrial eve; what a name! From what I gather she’s like a lady whom we’re all decended from, she’s like the common ansestor for every single person living today. Isn”t that gorgeous! Its so funny to think this lady was like just chillin in east africa, lived probs quite an average life for her time period, but she is the mother of all!!! I quite like that, and i think it is reflective of a lot of anxieties today about mundane-ity. We should embrace the mundane! it is beatiful and repetitive and gore-y gorge, and we are all as average and mundane as our one true mother mitochondrial eve. also like back when we were like single celled and that, i think we ate like a lil mitochonria, which was also a single celled thingy, and like we’re so shite and accidentally didn’t digest it properly and now it lives in all of us ! digestion and consumption of things is absolutley nessecary, 100 ! we may not be eating the cats flesh but we are 100 breathing in her hair and dead skin cells and her bacteria when we are in proximity with her, ingesting her, as she ingests us. The toxmoplasma gondii gettin all in our brains and effecting our behavior and that. its similar to the shit little single celled organism that couldn’t finish his dinner properly and all human life evolved from him. Also i found out that bacteria scoby artist i was thinkin about yesterday, heres a like 2 her blog (not as nice as mine), i need 2 do some thikin about the implications of this work,

Also i have mad a shocking discovery: the uncanny valley does not exist! it is made up! watch this lil vid to understand more :

honestly this is well worth a watch.

Also one more update: the GAN that is behind has reallly improved, they actually look like cats now which is super sad cause I liked it when they kinda looked like cats but kinda not. All i have left are my screen shots I took from the website when it was not as good as it is now. Here are a couple you may enjoy :

wow i really especially find this one super weird, its staring into my sole.

but will tty l8r xxxxxx


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