what have i been up 2 ?

wow im angry, 

i just wrote the most beautiful blog post updating u all on what ive been up to. It was so nice omg, and then this thing is like oh aha yea go on publish it and then i click the link and then its like “omg aw, u actually wanted 2 publish that? aw sorre, I actually just deleted the whole thing, aw sorry about that 🙁 ” .

u kno what mayb thats a sign saying it wasnt v interesting what i was gonna post. it was about my new sword, po, who has a circle in the middle, and my new painting, which has a fencer and a cat and a rlly cool frame, and my boots that went disastrously wrong. im actually feeling quite sad i lost all of that. 

anyway i think im gonna talk about something different then. Yea so i guess i am rlly into among us @ the moment? its this super naff little game im finding really soothing 2 play, i just love a lil escapism ygm, but yea its nice and logical mixed with narrative which i like. It’s designed bare cutsy and that, and im really good at it, sometimes the other players get angry at how good i am and kick me out of their game aha. anyway, i think everyone should have a lil play of it. I think that i like the small magable tasks u have to complete, and then u can see the bar at the top go up and u feel good :))

Also wow i gave myself concussion the other day, it was supa frightning, i like closed a window in my room but it like popped out of the thingy and hit me hard on my head. I was bleedin, but i put my hand up 2 my head to feel for blood just like how bella does in twighlight 2 when she falls of that motor bike and i was lik ” omg im bleeding ” aha it was so funny. but its all good now its like scabbed over. 

Also damn im thinkin about this goldsmith under grad (or mayb pst i cant remeber) and she grows bacteria in these huge tanks until they form like absolute sheets of pure bacteria, and then this mechanical arm leverages them out of the tank. Its fuckin incredible that bacteria does that u know, i love love it, its like a huge gross duvet. its just beautiful, i love bacteria sm. in an alternate universe mayb i could b a bacteria-ologist, i don’t know what they’re called. i think that’d b fun, but i am not v good at science so mayb not. 

Okay well i guess i should acc talk about art n that, so a lil update on my boots is that they fucked up. I got super stressed and annoyed with it and i was just like ugh :(( but its okay i used the dremel and it like made all the salt and flour into this crazy-fine powder that like billowed everywhere like that scene in gone girl where theres the sugar everywhere.

(that one) . I licked my lips and it was soooo salty wow !!! i had 2 drink loads of water afterward ahaha!. but yea movin forward w the boots i am gonna make them more clog-y and then like make the sole out of more salt dough and gorrlia glue them 2gether. 

and yea me sword is off 2 b flocked soon! managed 2 haggle a sweet deal with the man and get a discount so that shud b good but i might hav 2 wait until nxt sem :////

sorry i am so bad at takin nice imges, and my carpet is dirrrty, i spilt ink all ovr it a while ago. and its like lokey fucked :((( 

also a painting yes ! so its a lil fencer and a cat walking out of frame, its gonna b about prescense/abcense and intimacy and proximity . a lot of the stuffi have been doing the human animal and the feline have been intermingled, or the cat has been at the center. here i wanna think about u kno what happens 2 us when they’re gone ? when they walk out the room and re-ingage in the wilderness. what are we ? crazy cat lady w/o the cat ygm. i don’t know mayb its just cause im missing my cats lol .

( thats a lil piccy for u )


ogh wow okay sorry long post not said v much rlly aha ! anyway i thought i’d giv u an update, also i am writing a short murder mystery story, should i post some here ? lmk in th comments! also im super annoyed, i thought all these sound bites would liike over lap but u can only have one looped track at a time play booooo :(( 

okay bye, sleep well chickens. xxxx


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