tele-swords, tubby-armour ⚔️🤺📺

Oioi, ive got an idea, 

Yea so u know i made that sword, well i keep looking at like ugh what do i do with it now u kno? i had an idea, the shape in it rlly reminded my of the teletubbies horn/antenna things.  u know what i think im just gonna make like 4 swords each one representing a teletubby. then im going to paint and flock them in their respective colours and hang them up like in an armoury.

Actually they’re quite similar, they both wear a costume (although actually are the tubbies just animals that look like that? or wait acc same could b said for the fencer aha) 

I am so excited about how im gonna hang then, gonna b longitudinal and i rlly wanna make some fluffy hooks that’ll fit in perfectly to where ive manipulated the metal, so it looks like its droopin down from the hook u know? 

are teletubbies bears? comment down below!

I think Donna Haraway has gotttt me, i cant stop relating everythin to her, like do u think a teletubby is a cyborg or a companion species?

wow and their environment is like a golf course acc, got they rlly blend wild and tame, v interesting cultural figures. 

I’ll do some sketches and post em here. xoxoxoxoxoxox

also lol since when do they have a fencer emoji🤺


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