salt dough? thats sweet!

Hi ! sorry two posts in one day haha what am i like!

yeeea also something ive been doing is salt dough! lovely florence (shout out to florence if ur readin this), recommended salt dough as a medium. basically its like equal amounts four and salt and a little bit of water and it becomes a mouldable dough! then u can form it and then bake it 4 like 3 hrs until its dry and then its solid. its more environmentally friendly than plaster so thats a plus, but its very salty, i licked it at certain points and it was not pleasant 🙁 .

I had this dream where this man fell asleep at the dinner table and his face fell into his food then he awoke and lifted his head up and it was a dinner plate with eggs 4 eyes and a saus for a mouth. i wanted 2 make it like a 3d painting ? so like with lots of finger marks n that, and i added inks and acrylic into the dough to make it a certain colour. I was like a child with play doh it was super fun! both keith and my flatmate said that it b sweet if there were like loads of em tiled on a wall and i might do that u kno, throw back 2 my tiling//grouting days! oof yea would love to bring back the grout!

also made some worms w left ovr salt dough, look at them in my dead basil plant, and omg now theyre in my roses! not the roses!!!!! >:((((((


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