Studio Diary 05/07/22

I spent around two hours at the studio this evening. The plan for this visit was to remove the old sign from the front of the ex-office building in which our studios reside, however after some deliberation we decided it would be easier to simply paint over the existing sign instead, and as this would likely require some kind of specialist outdoor paint, we decided to leave the job for another time. The remaining studio time was spent on tidying up and other routine maintenance tasks.

I wonder to what extent the maintenance of the studio space can be considered a form of “art” practice – both on an individual and group level. With the shared studio space, there seems to be an overlap or hybrid between the disciplines of art practice, curating, general maintenance and housekeeping, and so on – does this mean that art practice comes to encompass these other activities, or does say, housekeeping come to encompass art and curating? Where do the boundaries between these activities lie?

2 thoughts on “Studio Diary 05/07/22”

  1. Maybe this is a good example to use in relation to enabling constraints. The painting over of the sign is ideal here perhaps? Can you list the constraints you faced here and then discuss what this enabled? Perhaps bring in the agency of the site (the sign in particular). What was the result?

  2. This could thus be something you write about in the report – returning to particular moments in the past months that will enable you to discuss your core thesis.

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