Finished Draft of “WORKSITE WORKBOOK”

The PDF file below is a downloadable copy of my finished research outcome, the WORKSITE WORKBOOK. This version of the workbook is expanded to 24 printed pages, and features images and text sourced from the WORKSITE blog. Each of the original contributors is represented within these pages, and this way the booklet functions as a kind of catalogue for the project – one that represents both the content featured, and the development of my research into this subject.

I am pleased that I was able to make a “functional” product or “tool” as my research outcome, as this ties in well with my interests and the research themes of both the Curating course and my current Research Project. I still intend to print out a copy of the booklet so that I can fill in the answers myself and experiment with how well it functions as a tool; when I do so, I will add documentation to this blog.

*Note that I had to compress the PDF file slightly so that it would fit within the maximum upload size; I will add the “full quality” version to my project submission as an appendix to the Critical Reflection.


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