Alternate Versions of “WORKSITE WORKBOOK”

While the WORKSITE WORKBOOK will be made available free to download and print-at-home, I realise that the cost of printing – especially in colour – would put some people off (or even prohibit them) from downloading and printing the document. With this in mind, I have made two alternate versions of the workbook: one which remains in a “booklet” format, though without images (which is more suitable for grayscale printing, and which has fewer pages); and one which I have titled WORKSITE WORKSHEET, as it contains only the questions, formatted to fit on a single page.

An added benefit of the WORKSHEET version is that it would be much cheaper to print multiple copies, for use in a group setting like a classroom or workshop for example. I imagine that the file would also take up much less space on a hard drive or phone, as well as being much more “manageable” in its printed form.

Both alternative PDF versions of the WORKBOOK are available to view and download below. I have also added a JPEG version of the WORKSHEET for reference.



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