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Mark Naylor’s Blog

Mark Naylor’s Blog

I want to know how the Earth works…


Student Theses

2019-2022      Dr Francesco Serafini (H2020): Modelling seismicity as a spatio-temporal point process using inlabru

2016-2022      Dr Gina Geffers (NERC E3, 2nd supervisor)Model selection in earthquake recurrence relationships: b-value bias in tectonic, volcanic and induced seismological settings

2015-2020      Dr Thomas BernardPost-orogenic topography and sediment flux of mountain-foreland basin systems: Miocene erosion and sediment yield from the Pyrenees

2014-2019      Dr Kirsty Bayliss (EPSRC): Seismic source zonation using modern statistical methods

2012-2016      Dr Rami Eid (EoN): Testing of geophysical monitoring techniques using numerical leakage situations

2009-2011      Dr Sarah Touati (EPSRC): Complexity, aftershock sequences, and uncertainty in earthquake statisti

Recent Presentations Link

My Publications

I have 65 publications with a h-index of 27 on Google Scholar.

My Google Scholar page

Below, PhD student and PDRA lead authors are highlighted in bold italics. I am highlighted in bold.

In Prep

  • Naylor, Testing the frequency-magnitude rolloff for induced seismicity: Case study of Preston New Road
  • Bayliss, Naylor and Main, Developing a background seismicity model for operational earthquake forecasting in Italy
  • Serafini et al, Spatio-temporal modelling of seismicity using ETAS.inlabru


  • Kamranzad, Naylor, Lindgren, Bayliss and Main Enhancing the ETAS model: incorporating rate-dependent incompleteness, constructing a representative dataset, and reducing bias in inversions [preprint]
  • Sinclair, Naylor, Kirstein, Carter, Stanton, Glotzbach, Bernet, van der Beek, Late Cenozoic erosion rates in the Western Alps revealed by detrital apatite fission track analysis (Submitted)
  • Matthews, Naylor, Sinclair, Black, Williams, Cuthill, Dietze, Gervais, and Smith, Sounding out the river: Sounding out the river: Seismic and hydroacoustic monitoring of bedload transport (Submitted)


  • Pokhrel, P., Attal, M., Sinclair, H. D., Mudd, S. M., and Naylor, M. (2024) Downstream rounding rate of pebbles in the Himalaya, EGUsphere [preprint],, 2023


  • Nievasa, Crowley, Reulanda, Weatherill, Baltzopoulosa, Bayliss, Chatzi, Chioccarelli, Guéguen, Iervolino, Naylor, Orlacchio, Pejovica, Serafini & Serdar (2023) Exploration of state-dependent rapid loss assessment and event-based operational earthquake loss forecasting incorporating structural health monitoring: an open-source tool, Earthquake Engineering and Dynamics for a Sustainable Future, CECED 2023.
  • Serafini, F., Lindgren, F., & Naylor, M. (2023). Approximation of Bayesian Hawkes process with inlabru. Environmetrics, e2798. (Journal Paper, Preprint) {64 papers}
  • MacDonell, Williams, Maniatis, Roberts, and Naylor, (Minor revisions,  Earth Surface Processes and Landforms) Consumer-grade UAV solid state LiDAR accurately quantifies fluvial topography and vegetation (EarthArXiv Preprint,
  • Naylor, Serafini, Lindgren, and Main, (2023) Bayesian modelling the temporal evolution of seismicity using the ETAS.inlabru package, Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, doi: 10.3389/fams.2023.1126759 (Journal Link, arvix Preprint)
  • Geffers, Main and Naylor (2023) Accuracy and precision of frequency-size distribution scaling parameters as a function of dynamic range of observations: example of the Gutenberg-Richter law b-value for earthquakes, Geophysical Journal International (



  • Nic Bhloscaidh, McCloskey, Pelling and Naylor (2021) Do social adaptations increase earthquake resilience?Journal of  Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 52, January 2021, 101972
  • T Bernard, H.D. Sinclair, M. Naylor, F. Christophoul, M. Ford (2021) Post‐orogenic sediment drape in the Northern Pyrenees explained using a box model, Basin Research, [BLOG]


  • Bayliss, Naylor, Illian, Main (2020) Data-driven optimisation of seismicity in models using diverse datasets: generation, evaluation and ranking using inlabru, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 125, e2020JB020226, [BLOG]
  • Huyghe , M. Bernet , A. Galy , M. Naylor , J. Cruz , B.R. Gyawali ,Gemignani and J-L. Mugnier, (2020) Rapid exhumation since at least 13 Ma in the Himalaya recorded by detrital apatite fission-track dating of Bengal fan (IODP Expedition 354) and modern Himalayan river sediments, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 534 (2020) 116078,
  • C Li, S Wanga, M Naylor, HD Sinclair, L Wanga (2020) Evolution of the Cenozoic Tarim Basin by flexural subsidence and sediment ponding: insights from quantitative basin modelling, Marine and Petroleum Geology


  • Clarke, ES Calder, F Dessalegn, K Fontijn, JA Cortés, M Naylor, I Butler, … (2019) Fluidal pyroclasts reveal the intensity of peralkaline rhyolite pumice cone eruptions, Nature Communications, 10 (1), 2010
  • Bayliss, Naylor, IG Main (2019) Probabilistic identification of earthquake clusters using rescaled nearest neighbour distance networks, Geophysical Journal International 217 (1), 487-503


  • SM Marrero, AS Hein, M Naylor, M Attal, R Shanks, K Winter, J Woodward, … (2018) Controls on subaerial erosion rates in Antarctica, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 501, 56-66
  • R Kilgallon, SMV Gilfillan, K Edlmann, CI McDermott, M Naylor, … (2018) Experimental determination of noble gases and SF6, as tracers of CO2 flow through porous sandstone, Chemical Geology, 480, 93-104
  • AF Bell, M Naylor, S Hernandez, IG Main, HE Gaunt, P Mothes, M Ruiz (2018) Volcanic Eruption Forecasts From Accelerating Rates of Drumbeat Long‐Period Earthquakes, Geophysical Research Letters, 45 (3), 1339-1348


  • Roberts, J. J., Gilfillan, S.M.V., Stalker, L. & Naylor, M. (2017) Geochemical tracers for monitoring offshore CO2stores, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
  • Roberts, J. J., Wilkinson, M., Naylor, M., Shipton, Z. K., Wood, R. & Haszeldine, R., (2017) Natural CO2 sites in Italy show importance of overburden geopressure, fractures and faults for CO2 storage performance and risk management, In: Geological Society of London Special Publications. 458
  • Wetenhall, B., Race, J., Aghajani, H., Fernandez, ES., Naylor, M. & Lucquiaud M. (2017) Considerations in the development of flexible CCS networks, Energy Procedia 114, 6800-6812


  • Sanchez Fernandez, E., Naylor, M., Lucquiaud, M., Wetenhall, B., Aghajani, H., Race, J., Chalmers, H. (2016) Impacts of geological store uncertainties on the design and operation of flexible CCS offshore pipeline infrastructure, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 52, pp. 139-154.
  • ** Touati, S., Naylor, M., Main, I., (2016) Detection of change points in underlying earthquake rates, with application to global mega-earthquakes Geophysical Journal International, 204 (2), pp. 753-767.
  • [Reviewed Conference Paper] Wetenhall, B., Race, J., Aghajani, H., Sanchez-Fernandez, E., Naylor, M., Lucquiaud, M. & Chalmers, H. (2016)Considerations in the development of flexible CCS networks Energy Procedia


  • Eid, R., Ziolkowski, A., Naylor, M., Pickup, G. (2015) Seismic monitoring of CO2 plume growth, evolution and migration in a heterogeneous reservoir: Role, impact and importance of patchy saturationInternational Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 43, pp. 70-81.
  • Naylor, M., Sinclair, H.D., Bernet, M., van der Beek, P., Kirstein, L.A. (2015) Bias in detrital fission track grain-age populations: Implications for reconstructing changing erosion rates, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 422, pp. 94-104.
  • Baynes, E.R.C., Attal, M., Niedermann, S., Kirstein, L.A., Dugmore, A.J., Naylor, M. (2015) Erosion during extreme flood events dominates holocene canyon evolution in northeast Iceland, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112 (8), pp. 2355-2360
  • M Nic Bhloscaidh, J McCloskey, M Naylor, S Murphy, A Lindsay (2015) Reconstruction of the slip distributions in historical earthquakes on the Sunda megathrust, W. Sumatra, Geophysical Journal International, 202 (2), 1339-1361
  • M Attal, SM Mudd, MD Hurst, B Weinman, K Yoo, M Naylor (2015) Impact of change in erosion rate and landscape steepness on hillslope and fluvial sediments grain size in the Feather River basin (Sierra Nevada, California), Earth Surface Dynamics 3 (1), 201
  • Direito, S.O.L., Clark, S., Cousins, C., Fujita, Y., Gluyas, J., Harley, S., Holmes, R.J., Hutchinson, I.B., Kudryavtsev, V.A., Lloyd, J., Main, I.G., Naylor, M., Payler, S., Smith, N., Spooner, N.J.C., Telfer, S., Thompson, L.F., Wouters, K., Wragg, J., Cockell, C. (2015) Geological repositories: Scientific priorities and potential high-technology transfer from the space and physics sectors, Mineralogical Magazine, 79 (6), pp. 1651-1664.


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