Resource List Semester 2 Deadline

Updates to existing lists

Please review and update your existing lists for Semester 2 and send them to the Library for review by Monday 24 October using the ‘Request Library review’ button at the top of the list.

New Resource Lists

If you would like the Library to set up a new Resource List for your course, please provide the information requested on the online form and submit it by Monday 24 October.

Prioritise list citations

Remember to prioritise items on your lists using ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘Further reading’. The priority tags and student numbers inform the action the Library will take. You may also identify one ‘key text’ per course for which the Library will take additional steps to provide e-book access. Guides and short videos are available to help you update existing list and set up new ones.

List visibility

I would like to remind you that Resource Lists can be accessed without a University login via Subscription resources (e-books, e-journal articles etc), any uploaded PDFs and scans provided by the Library can only be accessed by staff and students. If you would like to restrict access to your list to staff and students only, please use the ‘Library Discussion’ on the list to add a note before you send your list for review or contact If you plan on using the online form to submit a new list, there’s an check box you can use to let us know your visibility preference.

Help and support

Please contact if you have any questions or would like to arrange a Resource Lists training session.


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