Collaborate – Pointer Back on Whiteboard

The Collaborate 21.24 update, releasing overnight on 13th January 2022, includes two important functionality updates:

Pointer in the new whiteboard – The initial release of the new whiteboard didn’t include a pointer for moderators/presenters out of the box. Following feedback from our users and highlighting the importance of such a feature in particular for teaching, we’ve worked on adding a pointer. And to make visibility better, we also changed the icon compared to the old whiteboard, so it is more consistent with commonly known design standards.

Update to recording deletion grace period – We’re updating the approach to deleted recordings. From this release onward, recordings marked as deleted by users will automatically get fully wiped (“hard delete”) from our servers (including chat, captions, and so on) 30 days later without opportunity to request restoration through support after that grace period.

IS also added the possibility for anybody who has whiteboard permissions to use pointers simultaneously, which opens the door for new pedagogic scenarios (for example student pointers swarming on some areas of the whiteboard/slides).

For more information about the enhancements to date, please visit Release notes for Collaborate Ultra page.

If anyone has any questions about the update, please contact the IS Helpline –


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