Creating a Shared Course Arrangement

There are several examples in Informatics where a course is delivered to both an ‘on campus’ cohort and a ‘distance learning’ cohort. These terms can be nebulous, however, you will be aware of the courses being discrete within EUCLID. The on campus course will have a course code beginning INFR with the DL course beginning with INFD.

If you are a course organiser for such a course, please read on.

Each discrete course within EUCLID has a corresponding instance in Learn. If you are delivering the same course to both cohorts it makes sense to create a Shared Course Arrangement. This will feed the enrolments from one cohort (‘the child course’) to another (‘the parent’). You can then hide the child course within Learn to avoid potential confusion.

Further information on how to create this shared course arrangement can be found here: 

If you would like to discuss this in relation to your own course, please get in touch.



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