Informatics Exams December 2020: Guidance for students

Full guidance for all students sitting an exam this December can be found here.

The following Informatics courses are running an exam in December 2020:

  • ADS
  • ANLP
  • CMC
  • DBBA
  • IAML
  • IDB
  • IVR
  • NAT
  • RSS

All except ADS will be using a system called Gradescope to collect your answers. This blog post is aimed at all students sitting an exam using Gradescope.

All courses running an exam in December are offering a Practice exam. We strongly encourage you to use this opportunity to become familiar with the exam environment. 

Submitting your answers

Single PDF or Multiple PDF

If ALL questions of an exam are mandatory then we are expecting a single PDF file containing answers for each question.

If the exam paper includes optional questions we are expecting a single PDF file per question. If a question contains multiple parts and sub-sections, please save this as a single PDF file for that question. You can make clear references to parts and sub-sections at the top of each page.

Make sure you are submitting the correct answer to the correct question – your filename will help you to check it is the right one.

Submitting your PDF to Gradescope

  • Open Gradescope by clicking “Submit via Gradescope”
    • Gradescope will open in a new tab
    • You will be taken directly to the corresponding course area in Gradescope
  • Open the submission area for the question
  • Select the file you wish to upload for your answer – this can be uploaded directly from your device. Upload your file – note that Gradescope does not provide a progress bar, and so it will look like nothing is happening while your file submits. Please be patient and do no click Back or Submit again while you wait.
  • You will be shown a preview of your submission. You can rearrange pages if required.
  • You will be required to tag which pages from your document correspond to the question part being answered. If your answer to a particular section spans multiple pages please tag each corresponding page. Please also make sure you have labelled each page with a note of which question you are answering. This tagging process takes place after the submission and can be done after the submission deadline without affecting your timestamp for submitting your response.
  • Check all pages have been tagged correctly, and confirm your submission by clicking Submit.

Video Demonstration of the PDF Upload & tag process


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