Benefits and Disadvantages of Transitioning from Media Hopper Create to MS Stream

A video can be added to a Learn page by clicking Build Content>Item and embedding the video from Stream in HTML. By using a companywide channel on Stream, permission to access the video is practically the same as is currently needed for Media Hopper Create i.e. being logged in with your student account. When retrieving the embed link from Stream, different sizes of video are selectable. I found 640 x 360 to be the most suitable size to fit in a Learn item.
On Chrome the video worked without issues. On Safari, the embedded video could not play due to the browser blocking cookies. This is because Safari has an option ticked by default that prevents cross-site tracking (A thread on this can be found here: Once this is disabled, the embedded video worked on the Learn page the same as Chrome. If this setting is not disabled, the video can still be viewed by clicking open in new window.
  • Media Hopper Create has not been reliable during this semester, causing delays on uploading and viewing content. While Stream has not been stress tested within the University, if it is as reliable as the other Microsoft softwares the University is using, it would be an improvement on Media Hopper Create.
  • MS Stream offers a much more accurate auto-captioning system built in than the current auto-captioning system used in Media Hopper Create.
  • When Stream videos are played on Learn, the quality is high and the captioning is very clear to read and accurate.
  • MS Stream does not currently have a method for organising videos into a playlist. This could potentially be resolved by course builders organising the video order within Learn.
  • Slightly trickier to embed the video on Learn as it’s not built into the Learn system like MHC is. However Stream gives more options for embedding such as different embed sizes and making the video resizable by the user.
  • could no longer be used to create dual-feed/overlaid videos and a new solution would need to be found for this.


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