Resource Lists: Semester 2 deadline.

The deadline for sending Semester 2 Resource Lists to the Library is Friday 6th November.

The deadline is set to allow the Library sufficient time to process the expected high volume of requests. The Library will prioritise work on lists received on or before the deadline. Lists received after the deadline will be prioritised based on date received. You don’t need to wait until the deadline, you can send your Semester 2 list to the Library when it’s ready.

How the Library will manage the provision of materials?

The Library has made some changes to the Resource Lists service and to how it will manage the provision of Library materials for teaching in response to Covid-19 and lessons learnt in Semester 1.

The Resource List service for Semester 2 is summarised in the guide, Managing your course reading and outlines actions Course organisers should take before sending Resource Lists to the Library. It includes information on how the Library will manage request for ‘Key texts’ and digitisation requests. Please take some time to read this. This guide is also available on the Resource List webpages.

How to send your Semester 2 list to the Library

  • Option 1: Send your annotated list to the Library using this online form and the Library will set up or update your Resource List for you.
  • Option 2: Set up your own Resource List or update your existing Resource List and when you’re ready, use the ‘Send list for review’ button at the top of the list to send the list to the Library. Guides and short videos are available to help you review and set up Resource Lists.

Items on Resource Lists should be prioritised using ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’ or ‘Further reading’. These priorities inform how the Library manages the provision of resources. If items on a list are not prioritised, no purchases or e-book checks will be carried out for these items.

The Library will not take any action unless you send your Semester 2 list for review (use the ‘Send list for review’ button on the list). If you update a list or make changes but don’t need the Library to take action, then you don’t have to send the list for review.

Help and Support

  • More information, guides and short videos are available on the Resource List webpages
  • If you have any questions about Resource Lists or would like to arrange School-based training/information session, please contact:


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