Group tool availability: student view

So, you have your tutorial / lab / assessment groups in Learn. Perhaps you created these yourself, or perhaps they are fed directly from timetabling. Either way, you want to ensure the students have access to particular tools in Learn as a group. Now you’ve done that, you want to know what a student sees.

As students see only those groups in which they are enrolled, it is not immediately obvious how to test this. You could do the following:

  • enter student preview
  • exit student preview and select to keep student preview account data
  • enrol your student preview user account in a particular group
  • enter student preview again.

Or, if you don’t want to do that, below is a screen grab of an example of what they may see (in this example, the student is enrolled in Tutorial Group 10 for IRR). The following group tools have been enabled:

  • Collaborate
  • File Exchange
  • Group Blog
  • Group Discussion Board
  • Group Wiki
  • Send Email
  • Group Homepage.

In summary, once you have your groups set up, the main thing left to do is to communicate clearly what you expect the students to do as a group, which tools you expect them to use, and direct them to guidance on how to use those tools (for example: Blackboard Learn Support Page about Groups).

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