Collaborate links for “Class Only” students

At the start of semester an issue was identified that showed that Class Only students had full moderator access to the Collaborate tools and sessions via Learn. This level of access was deemed a high risk and the permissions for Class Only students to access Collaborate was removed.

Class Only students will not be able to access synchronous Collaborate sessions or their recordings via the Collaborate interface in the Learn course. Instead these students will have to access the sessions/recordings via their URL.

There will be an additional task now when setting up your Collaborate sessions to make the Guest Links to the sessions available to the Class Only students, if appropriate. Students enrolled on the course in Learn should still continue to access their Collaborate sessions via the Learn integration rather than the Guest URL so effort should be made to minimise the distribution of the link to only those Class Only students that require access to the session.

Approaches for sending out the guest URL to the Class Only students include:

  • Sending out emails via O365 or via Learn Groups
  • Posting a link via Announcements, with instructions to follow the normal procedure.

Alternatively you may prefer Class Only students do not access the synchronous sessions and instead access the links to the recordings only.

We are aware of the inconvenience this will cause many of you and we are in communication with Information Services to seek a quick solution to this issue.


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