Paired Programming: Usage Example for Google Remote Desktop

We are aware that many of you are considering how best to support paired programming online. The Computing Team have been investigating various options here. Some are still being documented, however, please see below one potential use case using Google Remote Desktop.

*Assumes both students are using a Remote DICE desktop.

  • One student runs Chrome from within their Remote DICE session (i.e.*not* on their personal device) and goes to the remote service URL.
  • They click on the get support button. This gives them a unique one time use ID they must separately exchange with the other student.
  • The other student runs Chrome from within their Remote DICE session and goes to the remote service URL. They click on the provide support button and enter the unique ID.
  • The first student will then be prompted whether to accept the remote connection.
  • After that both students will be able to share and interact within the first students remote DICE session. The best approach to coordinating activity will be to take turns, one student driving the other navigating and then swap over.

Caveats to note:

  • Since the students are using Chrome within a Remote DICE session the sharing and control is limited to that session window only as opposed to their entire personal device.
  • Both students need to have a Google account. We strongly suggest that students do not use their own personal google account, if they already have one, but create throwaway ones purely for the purpose of these sessions.
  • To setup a Google account you need to provide your name and mobile number for verification.
  • I don’t believe there is any way to have more than two parties share the session – so won’t work for groups of more than two.
  • You will need a fallback in case any students do not want to accept the T&C of a Google account. This does not need to be functionally equivalent, it can be a “lesser” experience.
  • A DPIA for use of Google Remote Desktop has now been approved.


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