Women in Red

Please read the following message from Laura Rose Wood, student and the new Wikimedia Women in Red Intern at the University of Edinburgh.

The Women in Red project aims to encourage the editing and creation of new content around women on Wikipedia and close the content gender gap. Through a series of monthly workshops, we aim to bring inspiring female role models to prominence and increase the diversity of biographies on Wikipedia
To get involved and help combat the erasure of women’s achievements from history, take a look at some of the monthly workshops we’ve got coming up.

Happy birthday Wiki! In celebration of Wikipedia’s 19th birthday we are running a special Women in Red event. Come along from 1pm-5pm on 5th Feb and learn how to edit Wikipedia by adding an article that interests you.

Want to help make a difference but can’t commit to a full afternoon? As part of the #1Lib1Ref (1lib1ref.org) campaign we also need people to add references to pre-existing articles, so please feel free to drop in and learn to make a difference by giving just 20 minutes of your time. Help us make Wikipedia more reliable by adding a citation. Your help could boost the efficacy of a page or even prevent an entry from being deleted!

6th March – Women of Climate Change. We will also be running an editathon in the run up to International Womens Day to celebrate the achievements of historical women in the fields of Climate Change and Sustainable Development. You can find us in the Main Library from 12.30pm-5pm, so please drop by for a tea or coffee and help us honour these women.

If you would like to help by nominating any notable women in the above fields that need our recognition please get in touch!

Events are open to everyone, and no prior knowledge is required!

For more information and to follow our contribution to Women in Red, please see my blog post at:


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