Resource Lists – preparing for 2019/20

Resource Lists (Leganto) workshops

In preparation for 2019/20 Library Learning Services is running a series of one hour Resource Lists (Leganto) workshops. They are offering two workshops:

  1. ‘Getting started’ – a workshop, aimed at people using Leganto for the first time
  2. ‘Beyond the basics’ – a refresher workshop focusing on how to edit your list and use it to request new books, moves to HUB/Reserve and copyright compliant digitations.

Workshops will run from 23rd April – 8th July and can by booked via MyEd.

There’s a list of workshop times and dates on the ISG website:

Deadlines for Semester 1 2019/2020

If you would like the Library to set up a Resource List for your course, please send the list by 15th July 2019 using the online form:

If you prefer to set up your own list, please remember to tag items on the list, add chapter details for any books to be scanned and send the list to the Library for review (using the ‘Send’ button at the top of the list) by 22nd July 2019.

More information on working with Resource Lists (including how to guides) is available on the ISG website:

The Library will still set up and review Resource Lists received after these dates, however, they can’t guarantee all materials will be available to students in time for the start of teaching.


The Library will rollover all 2018/19 lists w/b 10th June. When they rollover, they make a copy of your current list which can then be edited for use in 2019/20.

Please do not edit your 2018/19 list for use in 2019/20. Previous year’s lists should be accessible to students as they were originally published.

If you would like to start work on next year’s list before w/b 10th June, please contact and they’ll make a copy of your current list for you to edit. You can still work on a brand new list for next year but be advised that 19/20 course codes will not be available until w/b 10th June.

More information on rollover will be circulated in due course.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the team at


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