Get Connected Welcome Event – adapting to current circumstances

The Get Connected Welcome day is an informal induction event for new research staff and academics, in all Schools / Colleges, who have recently joined the University. It’s also suitable for new post-docs who have previously done their doctoral studies at the University.

Due to COVID-19 and the current restrictions, we are unable to run this as an on-campus networking event.  However, we realise that in the current environment of virtual working and reduced time on campus it’s crucial to ensure that new research staff and academics still receive relevant information to support them in their research role.  As a result, we’ve updated the Get Connected Welcome event webpage to be used as a digital resource to support induction and orientation.  The page now includes:

Get Connected Online Guide: This online guide includes key information from the University and support services, around support and initiatives for researchers.

Get Connected Videos: Short videos from support services around the University that would normally be presenting at the Get Connected event, with an overview of support available.

In addition to this induction event, the IAD also has a selection of online guides focussing on finding support in Edinburgh and managing the transition to postdoctoral research.

Code of Practice: If you are uncertain about what you are entitled to as a member of research staff, we would strongly encourage you to become familiar with our Code of Practice.  This puts the national and international guidelines about supporting and managing research staff into an Edinburgh Context and clearly sets out the responsibilities of researchers, their managers and the University.

Beginning your Research Position at Edinburgh: A guide for research staff starting a research position at the University of Edinburgh. This guide covers relocation advice, information on University wide inductions and key areas to think about to successfully transition into your Postdoc.

We recognise that the current situation is making additional demands on the University’s researchers and our working environments are now very different.  If you are new to your research role at this time, we realise it can be quite daunting.  With this in mind the IAD has developed Pop-Up IAD , which is a series of online sessions to help tackle these current challenges and uncertainties.  Pop-Up IAD includes a number of online sessions focussing on different topics, these are recorded and added to our research staff blog, along with supporting workshop materials and any useful links to create a ‘Pop-Up library’.  Infographics have also been created summarising some of the sessions:

Until we can run our induction event on-campus again, we hope these online resources are useful to you in your new role – good luck!

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