Researcher Realities

Researcher Realities invites conversations among and across the research community how we do what we do, what contexts and circumstances inform our decisions, what we do when things go wrong, how we navigate challenges, how we define success. They are aimed to foster an open, transparent, and inclusive research culture by promoting authenticity, and giving reassurances, opportunities for best-practice sharing and inspiration.

This is a dedicated online space where we post thematic blogs that relate to researcher realities. If you would like to propose a series, please get in touch with Anna Pilz (

Talking about Researcher Realities

Researcher Realities Event – 4 Conversations on 30th May 2023

#Researcher Realities: Inspiration & Future Directions

#RsearcherRealities: Unsuccessful Grants

Blog Series

Showcases the various realities of researcher communities at Edinburgh. Sharing positive experiences, highlighting the values of being part of a researcher community, while also listening to the challenges that form part of keeping these communities going.

Showcases the various realities of postdoc life at Edinburgh.

Researchers’ Journeys
An initiative from the Long-Term Research Network on ‘Long-Term Researcher Careers’