What motivates you?

During these hectic revision weeks career planning isn’t likely to be top of the agenda for many of you.

Spare a few moments, though, to look at this infographic from the Naturejobs blog. It may give you ideas for new approaches to keeping yourself motivated which will apply to whatever you’re doing, whether it’s working in a lab or studying in your room.

Take it a step further if you like… and take this online quiz (EASE login required, for MyCareerHub) to explore the relative importance each of these different motivators has for you:

  • Control
  • Achievement
  • Development
  • Interaction
  • Stability
  • Purpose
  • Recognition
  • Status
  • Failure Aversion
  • Reward

Which of them matters most to you? What might be the implications of this for your work satisfaction and performance? Tips for countering any negative aspects are also suggested.

“What motivates you?” is also a common job interview question.  How should you approach it? What is the employer trying to find out with that question?   TARGETjobs provides an analysis to get you off to a good start.  You can hear more insights into this, from employers themselves, in Interview Simulator (EASE login required, for MyCareerHub) – choose “Browse questions” and select the “Future, goals, motivators” section.

Whatever your goal may be, if you understand what will motivate you to reach it you’ll be on the way to success.



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