Watching TV and career lessons are a match… how?

With the festive break fast approaching, you may be looking forward to binge watching the TV. Don’t feel guilty about taking a break and relaxing with your favourite TV shows because there are actually career lessons to be learned. Here are my top four:

Strictly Come Dancing

The series epitomises attention to detail; whether it’s the routines or the dazzling costumes! Judge Motsi Mabuse commented on Caroline Quentin’s week one American Smooth dance: “I didn’t see a dancer – I saw a dancing queen! Attention to detail… you brought the dance to life.”

Lesson learned – attention to detail.

A job application is your chance to make a good first impression with an employer so make it count. You don’t want your application to be rejected because of little mistakes! Take it step by step:

  • If an online form has a save-and-return function, save your answers and take a break – you’re far more likely to notice any mistakes with fresh eyes.
  • Use a spell checker to avoid mistakes.
  • Check the word count isn’t exceeded as the online form may simply cut off your response if it is.

We have advice on our website on how to answer common application form questions.


I had a TV marathon of the boxset over the summer and didn’t want the American legal drama to end. The series centred on the character, Mike Ross, who pretends to be a Harvard educated attorney, his attempts to cover his tracks and the consequences. However, my favourite character was Louis Litt, an ambitious attorney who also lies to get what he wants. If you’re a fan of witty one liners, Louis Litt provides some great comedy value.

Lesson learned – be honest.

Although you want to showcase your skills on your CV, be careful not to exaggerate or lie. Employers undertake checks throughout the recruitment process to see if there are any discrepancies. Our “Quick guide to CVs” video provides great advice on what to include in your CV.

The Apprentice

The series didn’t return to our screens in 2020 due to Covid-19, but the recent showing of “The Apprentice: Best Bits” highlighted the infamous interview round. Who could forget the 2014 candidate, Solomon Akhtar, being told to abruptly leave the interview room by Claude Littner due to his shoddy business plan?

Lesson learned – don’t wing it! Preparation is key.

When preparing for an interview, check out our resources to ease your concerns and approach the interview with confidence.

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

I have to admit I’ve been gripped watching this year’s series. The various Castle Coin Challenges which the celebrities attempt in order to win a treat for camp often involve thinking outside of the box!

Lesson learned – problem solving.

One episode which springs to mind is Jordan and Ruthie’s comical attempt to herd ducks into the correct pens. It took them some time to work out the best approach but through perseverance and by staying calm they got the job done.

Problem solving skills are used in everyday working life whether it’s developing a new product to meet a specific need or changing a process to make it more efficient. For example, assessment centres usually involve a task to assess your problem solving ability; have a look at our resources to help you perform well in these tasks.

So…as well as being a source of entertainment, TV can also offer some valuable career lessons! Hope this blog has inspired you to think about your top TV picks in a different light.

(Image credit: Mohamed Hassan on Pixabay)


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