Students explore career options and gain new digital skills through Insights Online Week

We have invited selected students to take part in Insights Online Week 2021!

Received an email from the University on 19 November inviting you to take part? This is your opportunity to explore a range of careers and discover what’s out there. You’ll also gain some experience of the world of work, as well as develop your confidence, professional skills and connections. You’ll be part of an online team who are introduced to University graduates [alumni] working in an exciting range of jobs both in Scotland and international cities around the world. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the University decided to re-design the 2020 Insights Programme to be exclusively online. To find out more about what the Week is like, let’s hear from Zoe and Lewis who took part in 2020:

Zoe, second year Business Management (pictured above)

I thought the Insights week was a great opportunity because it covered many areas and skills and allowed these to be developed through sessions including networking and group work. I did not fully know what to expect from the week being wholly online, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised with how it was run and how we were able to be involved fully through elements such as being split into smaller subgroups to speak to alumni.

I have definitely developed networking skills through the Insights week. I feel as though this makes me feel more confident in speaking with alumni and others and would also serve me well if I was ever to do online interviews.

I have developed digital skills, something that is largely important as we enter the future of work. This skill has been honed using Microsoft Teams which I had not used previously. In addition, this has been developed through the creation of a Digital Artifact as part of a group project, which involved co-ordinating and creating with other students on the programme.

I would recommend this Week to other students because it gives a great opportunity to gain skills in networking, resilience and digital skills. In addition, it allows you to connect with alumni and to hear career stories which would not really be possible otherwise. I think it has also been great in showing how to use LinkedIn effectively, find alumni and make connections through there.

I think that as a Widening Participation student, I would not have the career knowledge or the drive that I do now had it not been for the Insights Programme.  I would also recommend this as I plan to connect with alumni in order to eventually find an international internship.

Lewis, third year Astrophysics

This week was very helpful in answering some concerns about not knowing what I want to do in the future. I now know that opportunities will come to me if I connect with enough people. It was useful to speak to alumni, and convenient that I could do it from my bedroom. I gained an insight into the breadth of careers I could go into after uni. Having taken part in this online week, I am now going to continue to expand my online network of contacts and be more present online.

If you’d like to take part in the 2021 Online Week running 15-19 February, sign up by 10 January. You can also join our online information session 1.10pm-2pm Wednesday 02 December to find out more about the Insights Online Week and how you will benefit, as well as hear from a student who took part previously. You can find how to do both in your email invitation sent 19 November.

Please also visit our website for more information or email the Insights team ( with any questions or concerns about taking part.



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